Most of us have or want to have fished at home. They need a proper fish tank to make sure the fishes have a perfect environment to grow and live in. Some fishes prefer a bigger tank while most other fishes prefer to live in a smaller tank. This depends according to the size of the fish and their nature. Just like the size, the fishes prefer to live in the temperature in which they feel comfortable based on whether they are from warm or cold current regions. This will give them a better life span. this is the reason that you should buy the best aquarium heater that is available in the market.

The types of aquarium heaters best aquarium heater

There are different types of aquarium heaters which are better suited for different types of tank sizes and shapes. You can just suit which one best suits you and buy the same. The types of the aquarium heaters are listed below.

  • Glass immersion heaters: There are very commonly used heaters in aquariums. These contain a glass tube which contains the heating element. The element is wound around a ceramic insert. It also comes with a microchip technology to make adjustments very easy. This type usually comes coupled with a tank cleaner or filter system and so is considered by people as the best aquarium
  • Undergravel heating: This heats the aquarium through the heating element placed inside the flexible heating cable. This entire system is placed under the substrate of the aquarium. This system provides a better temperature gradient when compared to others as the heating cables are spread evenly under the gravel in the tank to give the whole tank almost the same temperature. It is famous with fish tanks that are heavily planted.
  • Undertank heating: The heating element here is the heating mat. This can be placed under the aquarium. This method of heating the fish tank is not so efficient as the glass in the bottom of the aquarium is a very poor conductor. This type is considered the best aquarium heater when used for very small tanks.

Selecting the best heater

To make sure your fishes feel very comfortable, you need to get the most suitable and the  best aquarium heater. You are always advised to choose a heater which can give out a power of 3 to 5 watts per gallon. The ability to heat and the temperature maintenance depends on the wattage of the heater. The  best aquarium heater also contains a thermostat which is adjustable to make the temperature control in the tank more precise.


Thus the best heater for an aquarium should be able to provide good control over the temperature in the tank. It should be selected based on the size of the tank and type of the tank that is used to house the fishes. It should also depend on the fishes that are going to be put in the tank as it should be able to keep the fishes comfortable.